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Conservatories Northern Ireland: from foundations to furniture.

Ashgrove Conservatories Northern Ireland can design virtually any size of conservatory or sunroom you require for both private homes and commercial premises, with unusual and awkward sites being one of our specialities!

Every conservatory we install is individually designed by us and manufactured for your specific site. However, before doing this we take into account many important factors: for example site location, walls that might be a little off plumb, height restrictions, drainage etc., and of course any of your individual requirements, so that a finished conservatory will not only be structurally sound and weatherproof, but will effectively become a permanent extension that will complement both the interior and exterior of your home for many years to come. Our most popular designs include:

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Diplomat PVCu security beaded frames reinforced with Aluminium and glazed with 28mm units of double or triple safety glass conforming to BS requirements.The conservatory roof, one of the most important components in any conservatory is also fabricated by Ashgrove Conservatories using PVCu clad aluminium profiles by market leader Ultraframe plc. The roof can be glazed with either double-glazed safety glass or polycarbonate (either16mm triple skinned or 25mm skin) in accordance with your preference.

Features such as leaded, sandblasted or stained glass designs from our own decorative glass studio can be added to provide you own personal touch.

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If required, we will provide a full service; everything you need from planning permission through to erection on site by our own experienced craftsmen. All building, heating and electrical work, even supplying tiles for the floor and furniture, can be handled by us. In fact everything to ensure that you have a conservatory to be proud of and admired by your friends and neighbours.

Ashgrove Conservatories Northern Ireland’s aim is to provide a personal, professional service, and to design and build a quality conservatory that will suit you, your lifestyle, your property and of course your budgets!

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Ashgrove Conservatories Northern Ireland – Why Use Us?

Having a conservatory is a smart investment. It adds value on your home, gives you additional space, and provides a beautiful hub for your garden. Aside from these things, a conservatory can also be a place of relaxation and entertainment especially when it is designed well. Conservatories Northern Ireland comes in various exterior and interior options with a great variety of colours, shapes, furniture, accessories, and layouts.

Conservatories may be made from wood, fibre glass or PVC, steel, etc. If you’re planning to have a conservatory constructed at your place, it is important that the design suits your taste and needs. Most importantly, the conservatory should augment the structure of your house or business premises.

Knowing your main purpose in installing conservatory is a must prior to shopping around for designs and furniture. There are numerous conservatories ideas available and knowing what you would like your conservatory to have will help you narrow down your choices. Some people construct conservatories primarily to entertain guests and for some recreational activities with house design considerations a secondary consideration. In Northern Ireland and other parts of Europe & UK, where it’s often cold, conservatories are especially useful for those who want to capture the benefit the, sometimes limited, sunshine or nuture their flowers and ornamental plants during the winter season.

Aside from its primary functions, accessorising your conservatory is a great idea. From the outset you should start planning on the accessories and construction material you would like to use for your conservatory. Would you like to make use of wooden walls? How about PVC?  Seeking professional help is very important so you can come up with a practical and stylish-looking conservatory. The shape of the architectural design is also essential. Shapes are considered not just to give aesthetic design on the structure but also to increase the efficiency of the hothouse. Moreover, selecting the right kinds of furniture and fixtures will extremely boost the interior appeal of your sunroom.

Of course, the bigger the conservatory is, the higher is the cost. But still, there are many designs that will suit to your budget. Before agreeing with any contractors, ask for the quotes and other necessary expenses. At Ashgrove Conservatories Northern Ireland we’d be delighted to discuss your plans and give you our competitive price.